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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 25, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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hi le changed in an instant. hear from the shoe shine man who was run over by an out of control cab on a san francisco sidewalk. >> tonight, we return to the community to seei] what changedn operation gang of thrones. >> new rules for drones get set to roll out. >> all of a sudden, boom. boom. a cab came flying here. >> the man run over by a run away cab is talking about what happened from his hospital bed. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. that man is still recovering two ash. >> yes. it was tuesday afternoon when a
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cab jumped the curb on market and sutter street and hit a shoe shine stand. >> one survivor spoke to abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow this afternoon. melanie? >> reporter: the survivor is here at the hospital in fair condition and his assistant is in critical condition. he says this accident could have been a lot worse. he is hooked up to monitors, his broken hip, in traction. his spirit, you ever waivering. >> this is a blessing. it could have been worse. i thank my god for that. >> he said he has been shining shoes since he was 12 and at the bart station since early 2000s. he says he and his assistant were waiting for a customer. >> i was talking to jazz, you
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know, talking about business, and i heard this noise. and next thing i knew, i was up in the air, and the ground. >> police are investigating the possibility the driver suffered possible issues with the cab. >> he had at least had to be doing 60 or 70 miles per hour. >> the cell phone screen was smashed if the impact. he says his main concern is for his friend, and assistant, jazz, a homeless man became one of the best workers he ever had. >> he's on 66. >> reporter: jazz is in critical condition. the cab driver has been released perfect the hospital. police are swarming a business area near 67th and bancroft avenues. we saw officers go inside of the building.
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there they go, searching for several suspects who ran from a stolen vehicle. a perimeter has been set up and the area near 67th and bancroft shut down, right now. a judge facing a recall tonight that will no longer handle criminal cases. he received nationwide criticism for sentencing brock turner to six months in jail for sexual assault on an unconscious woman outside of a party. the mercury news reports he asked to be reassigned to hearing civil cases. a disturbing case of child abuse in the south bay. a six week old girl is in critical condition tonight and her father is in the santa clara county jail on child abuse and domestic violence charges. paramedics rushed the baby to
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the santa clara valley medical center after a 911 call in the burbank neighborhood. the infant had severe trauma to her body. >> there were over 14 fractures, including the skull. homicide detectives, child abuse detectives were immediately called out to the scene. superior court records show in 2010 he spent seven months in jail after pleading no contest to felony child abuse involving his other daughter, who was four years old at the time. a judge requested a change of venue for the trial of a case of the person suspected of killing sierra lamar saying he would not receive a fair trial if santa clara county. they believe an impartial jury can try him fairly in santa clara county. her body has never been found
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despite thousands of hours of searching by police and volunteers. because of operation gang of thrones, dozens of suspected criminals are off the streets in san jose. here is a look at the alleged gang member that's targeted the neighborhood. today, abc7 news went to the community to see what kind of difference these arrests have made. chris nguyen is live tonight. chris? >> reporter: one suspect is being held in jail behind me. a lot of people are talking about this case and a lot of them are feeling optimistic because of the arrests. community members in the little saigonñrrqwyes.
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growing frustration over the fatal police shooting of a gall mallin immigrant last year. the district attorney's investigation into the death of the victim dragged on with no decision on charging officers involved. the autopsy raises questions about why the police chief, then greg suhr said deadly force was used. >> the expect lunged at the officer. >> the witnesses say he was trying to get away and he was shot, in the back. >> community leaders plan to march in the mission tomorrow, coming up tomorrow at 11:00 our reporter talks to that priest, getting answers from the da's office. be sure to tune in for that.
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one of the reform san francisco police are focusing on is to get more officers in the neighborhood. members walked the neighborhood part of the academy community immersion program. today, trainees spoke with residents and students. the class well gad wait after eight months of training. two muni operators have been attacked this month. assaults seem to be on the rise against bus drivers that have to deal with unruly and threatening passengers. dreefrs are worried they can be the next victim. >> reporter: they do, and now, muni is launching what they call
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#keepthemsafe about the dangers drivers are facing. according to muni, every 11 days an operator is assaulted but something every driver knows could happen. >> every day. pretty much every day. yeah. i mean, just, patient. you know? >> reporter: the latest incident happened at van ness and bush. this month, an operator reported she had been beaten by a motorist, but the numbers seem to be on the rise. the transportation agency says there were 58 reported attacks on its operators last year. compared to 24 in 2014 and in one incident, a man was accused of throwing rocks through a bus window, injuring the operator. next month, the agency plans to
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roll out an antiviolence ad campaign designed to humanize their operators. posts saying my mom gets you home safely. please let her get home safely, too. >> people should treat the employees with respect. >> there are ideals floating around the country about barriers to separate operators are from customers. that hasn't been discussed in san francisco. andrew says he's been threatened a couple times. >> more than less there is more good passengers than bad. >> the agency says cameras on board may help investigations of this month's assault. >> saving small lives means big money. how oakland reduced the number
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of premature babies but a third. >> you're going to hear from rescuers that dangled by rope to help save the life of a hiker. i'm spencer christian. if you're waiting for warm august weather, you may have to wait until september. i'll have accu-weather forecast coming up. next, the owner of the a's take the tour that could change the playing field for sports in oakland.
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almost 50 years, oakland a's called the coliseum home.
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wayne freedman is live with the story. >> reporter: san francisco with the giants decided to put a ballpark there was a bunch of warehouses. fans are hoping it might happen here. >> it is filled with traps, trucks, and noise. it's about the last place a baseball fan might expect to find the boys of summer. that is before a new van drove to the ship terminal in oakland today. >> i don't know what the transportation is going to be like down there. >> team owners arranged a tour to check them out today. a spokesman made it official. >> we're in discussion with the potential candidates.
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a move might simplify, and complicate, oakland's relationship with sports teams. just today, the raiders announced they've taken out a trademark to call themselves las vegas raiders. with this inception to go with it. >> he's been saying i want to stay in oakland, but i need the stadium. this will free it up for them. >> this view shows the bus passengers out and about, alongside the docks, maybe imagining where home plate might be. they did not speak with reporters but actions and rides may be speaking louder than words. the fourth annual bacon festival of america has been
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postponed at least a month. the organizer blames it on lack of police officers in san jose. the department is facing an officer shortage, considering moving dozens of detectives back to patrol the streets. police told abc7 news it did not file for permits on time. the organizer showed us the application form, dated and signed before the deadline. >> if you ask them, they'd say no. the city is considering a emergency declaration that speaks for itself. >> now, the festival will be held in mid october and people can hang on to tickets or get a refund. >> we're hearing from police heros that rescued a blind man from a burning home last night.
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several people called 911 and officers learned a man was trapped inside. the two broke into a home, to help. >> i saw a hand sticking out there. i riched in to grab the hand and everyone started to dog pile, trying to get him out. >> one officer needed surge troy close a severe wound on his fore arm. the victim remains in intensive care. >> a new pre-natal program at highland hospital is credited with reducing deaths by a third. >> reporter: moms to be are
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undergoing pre-natal care together, it's called centering. >> when a baby is newborn, they don't have a lot of head support. >> you bring it in the open. everyone gets to share they're hopes and learn they're not alone, that everybody is having similar excombreernss or different experiences. they can determine what is normal and concern. >> besides blood pressure, weight checks, tlb 8 to 12 women with similar due dates. >> i was a lot younger when i had my first son. just taking to have a healthy
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baby. >> there is a healthy, full term baby and a healthy, happy mom. costs of premature differry ranges from $22,000 to $55,000. state officials want you to be careful before jumping into the water. the blooms released toxins making it potentially lethal and can cause flu-like symptoms in people. >> california's water is not being poisoned. the summer is going through harmful algae bhooms.
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there are more happening. >> state officials blame climate change and drought conditions on the increase, and so far this summer, there have been no confirmed cases of people getting sick because of the wounds. >> marine layer is back and you can see it's swallowing up the coastline now. it was breezier with gusts over 20 miles per hour. some spots and is current temperature readings of 60 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 65. 68 mountain view. 72 san jose. 59 in half moon bay. this is the view looking over
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oakland from emeryville. the sky here was bluer just minutes ago as well as clouds making a push at the moment. 67 in santa rosa, 81 fairfield, mid to upper 70s in concord and livermore. looking towards coit tower, nothing but clouds right now. cloudy conditions overnight with spotty morning drizzle. could be a slow morning commute tomorrow. a mild summer day, and temperatures remaining below average. overnight, look for a chance of spotty drizzle near the bay. low clouds advancing inland and upper 50s near the bay. 11:00 tonight, noticing a surge of low clouds, this will be the
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picture. 7:00 tomorrow morning hanging around, and over the bay. by 10:00 giving us a mainly sunny day and away from the coastline, sunny skies by mid at afternoon. 76 in san jose. highs from upper 60s to mid-70s in palo alto and mountain view on the coast. san francisco, 63 degrees downtown. and 68 oakland, 71 hayward. inland east bay will be warmer than the shore line, highs in the low to mid-80s. here is the accu-weather
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forecast. warmest day inland, sunday, so if you like it warm, head in there sunday, highs will be in upper 80s there. >> thank you very much. >> the company of the formula is losing wig time. >> stay with us. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment.
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a billion dollar watch, that is just how much uber lost, the total is $1.27 billion, saying the main loss came from subsidies paid to drivers and it's value is $69 billion. >> oakland international airport is staying on track to serve 7 million passengers this year. 70% of the travellers fly southwest, adding new nonstop flights to mexico next year. volkswagon reached a deal with dealerships to compensate them following the diesel emissions cheating scandal. that is expected to happen next month. >> starting today and throughout the weekend, all national parks are free. it's all to celebrate a milesto
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milestone of the 100 year anniversary so we're very fortunate and that is just to name a few of them. >> i think of national parks, i think of forests, so i will take part in the celebration. >> visitors will save between $3 to $30 on fees depending on the site. >> rescue could have taken an hour ended up only 11 minutes. >> using drones for more than just fun is about to get easier,
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opening up a world for science and industry, ahead on abc7 news. how a bay area organization is helping sea
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what started as a hike ended with a rescue and a helicopter
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ride. >> today, airborne first responders met with a the woman who called 911. >> reporter: today, paramedics showed off some equipment that helped save a live. >> it's a fixed wheel aircraft. >> it's an important tool of the trade for sheriff deputy mike ireland. he's the guy you see from that rope on route to the heat stroke woman. this woman summoned help when she saw a young man keel over. >> we managed to get to him in under a minute. he was having a seizure. >> the crew scrambled the helicopter called star 3. >> we were overhead in approximately four minutes. >> it means hanging at the end of a 100 foot long rope, trusting a pilot to gently lower him down to pick up the victim. so the crew put the victim in a
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harness, kind of like this one, slung underneath the helicopter, and lifted him to safety. instead of crews taking an hour to carry the victims three miles to safety, they flew him out in 11 minutes start to finish. he's recovered but wasn't able to make today's ceremony. >> i feel good about it. it's why we did the training. we weren't rescue helicopters as far as moving victims around before. now, we are. >> he means until a year ago, the helicopters were law enforcement eyes in the sky. now, they can add saving lives to the resume. a deadly attack on american university in afghanistan left 13 people dead, including a stanford law graduate. militants attacked it yesterday. he was at stanford law school for six months in 2013.
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no group claimed responsibility for the assault but officials are pointing to the sally ban. -- taliban. developing news in italy. strong after shocks are making rescue operations very difficult. the death toll from yesterday's earthquake stands at 250 with hundreds more injured. italian prime minister ordered cancellation of taxes for residents in the towns hardest hit. some can't believe they made it out alive. >> i can only remember i couldn't breenl. i called for help. i was grasping and thought i was dead. >> amid the destruction, some hope. cheers of joy when a 10-year-old girl and a little boy were rescued. officials say rescue efforts will continue for at least the
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next several days as they hope to find more victims alive. in myanmar, soldiers are blocking off access to nearly 100 buddhist templed damaged in a powerful earthquake there. japan and china offered to help restore the symbols which date back to 11th century. from stunning earthquakes to building bridges the number of uses for drones is about to expand because of new rules that go into effect on monday, and could open upped into gates of the drone world to science and industry. jonathan bloom has a look at why this is a big deal. >> these are the new regulations that help businesses use drones legally. >> businesses like arrow toss which uses drones to survey
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land. getting certified was difficult and costly. >> many clients want to operate drones and own the drones. >> potential is enormous, making 3-d models if the sky. >> they can see if it hurricanes like it's supposed to. >> it's similar to technology used by the agency that studies earthquakes. it started using maps with surplus military drones. >> they had several of them. they're going to throw them in a trench. >> it is modified with a go pro camera. it was for the study on mountains and fault lines and mean new tools will come on the market that can be adapted for science. >> we're more adapted to learn quickly. >> most new rules resolve around safety and procedures are modelled after what is common practice in the rest of the
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aviation world. these pilots check lists and flight plans will be standard practice. >> that you can't fly over crowded areas. >> rules don't address delivery drones or long flights but could change whole industries. >> walking back and forth to do surveying and mapping of areas that is now take minutes. >> firefighters are holding a meeting to up dade neighbors about continuing threat of the sobranes fire. the fire claimed a life of a bull dozen operator.
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at 90,000 acres, it's the biggest fire in california now. the newest is the gray fire that is only 5% contained. some have been destroyed and 150 more are threatened. a bay area organization is helping sales return to the wild in hawaii. it is currently treating four hawaiian monk seals. so cute. >> they are. >> registering to vote could be as easy as signing up for class. >> why young voters need help finding their ways to the polls. >> and still ahead, local project that will mean
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california can use more of this new water th
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today, republican presidential nominee donald trump met with black and latino activists at trump tower and later held a rally in new hampshire. fighting back against accusations by the clinton campaign that he is encouraging racism. >> the people of this country who want their laws enforced and respected by all, and who want their borders secure are not racist. >> democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton left the bay area and california with a huge financial boost, raising $17 million in the golden state between monday and wednesday, today, campaigning in reno, where she continued to hammer trump on his story. h history. >> from the start, donald trump built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. he is taking hate groups main stream, helping a radical fringe
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take over the republican party. a poll released today finds clinton with a 10-point lead over trump and the margin of error is 2.5%. soon, california students may be able to register to vote while registering for classes with a click of the button. student voting act creates a link between enrollment and registration, aimed at nearly 3 million students in california public college and university systems in the last election, only 8% of 18 to 24-year-olds chose to vote. this is a way to build tord that future. >> the idea proposed by two uc berkeley students. one of the largest water
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reuse projects will break ground to
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take a look at this
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beautiful shot near lake tahoe. share pictures and video with us and follow us on instagram. that is something. >> it is. about water and yes. after five years of drought, california is showing some progress. >> that is right. a map from the u.s. geological survey shows only a fifth of the state falls under what they call exceptional drought. a year ago, the amount of california in the category was more than double the current number. >> the worst is now confined to the central coast and central valley. and they have to get creative. >> one agency is turning to a sewage plant to meet demand. >> reporter: outside modesto, farming communities like patterson are facing a crisis.
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there is barely enough water to irrigate crops. a quarter local farmsave stopped growing anything. >> we have over 12,000 acres that is not been farmed and that ahas a ripple affect through the small communities. >> the district is responsible for supplying water to land 50 miles long from tracy to sentinela. the district gets water from the delta-mendota canal. >> this year, we're receiving 5% of that. used water from the modesto sewage manhattan. the city flushes 15% of water down every day. the plan underwent a $150
7:48 pm
million upgrade. >> we're taking raw waste water and removing pollution and chemicals in order to produce the other end. >> that water gets discharged into the san joaquin river. $100 million pipeline will divert water to farmers. >> it is safe for irrigation. >> people have been eating strawberries and artichokes. that is what is new on it. >> this will take the idea to a bigger scale. >> this is one of the largest projects in the country. >> other communities are watching to see what happens. >> and they get a lot of calls
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wanting to know how do we start. >> the new pipe line will break ground tomorrow. >> really fies temperatures. >> it is true. marine layer advancing over the bay and tomorrow, statewide, sunny skies and warm in interior section was highs 96 in fresno. here in the bay area, sunny skies with just a little bit of lingering fog and 80s inland. want to go to the beach? well, this is what we've got. 66 degrees in santa clara and 61 half moon bay. sunny in the afternoon and here is the accu-weather forecast. sunday, inland highs in the upper 80s.
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>> we have shu in tonight. >> that is right. we're going to include larry. never leave him out. are you ready for college football? cal bears are prepared to face hawaii and what are the chances? that is where we find larry beil. beil. it's next in
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cal bears tuning up to face hawaii friday in australia. this is the first college football game ever played in australia and today went one on one. >> yes. we're excited about that. i think it's fun is that we're the first chej game in history in australia which is pretty cool in itself. it's a great opportunity to start the off off the right way. >> new, let's get to why we're here. australian dessert.
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i'm going to give you what is called a lambington. >> i don't like texture but will give it a dry. >> it's sponge owe cake dipped in chocolate and coconut. >> it's probably better than i thought. >> very small bite. >> yes. yes. >> scale of one to 10? >> a solid four and a half. >> are you kidding me? i gave it a 12. >> really? >> yes. >> this is a tim tam. >> i had one of these the other day. hopefully white chocolate is going to be even better. this is about eight and a half. improvement. >> do you think you've, you want some of these? >> yes.
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yes. >> you know what? one every now and then is not bad. >> thank you. thank you for being here. >> looks like we're going to see collin kaepernick. head coach was asked if he still has a chance to earn the job. >> we're going to use hypotheticals. so let's just go all out and say it's over. we did it without a quarterback in the hypothetical world i live in. won't it be cool?
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>> the black hole of the raider nation has high expectations this season. derek carr talked about more chances. >> it is a great opportunity to see what you can get away with. you know? it is. i take that to heart and do it. you know? it's going to be a great thing for us. >> start of the day of the third, bounces and rolls. centers two over on the day. a five under 66, he's the co-leader with martin laird this, is the final week to qualify for the automatic ryder
7:57 pm
cup spot. g-men falling behind four games in the west. and. >> that is a great privilege for cal to get to do that. >> thank you, shu. >> join us tonight at 9:00 police trying to find four people accused of using a stun gun in san francisco. we're going to run down clues they have to work with. >> the new iphone threat that could let hackers take control of your smart phone. the man who discovered the espionage. >> here is tonight's prime time line up on abc7. >> and that is this edition of
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abc7 news. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. from all of us here, thanks for joining us. larry, down under, thank you for being here. >> australian accent? very nice. >> good day. >> yes. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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